Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ambien CR on overnight long haul flight?

Ambien CR on overnight long haul flight?
Does anyone have any experience to share with using a sleeping pill like Ambien CR on an overnight long haul flight? I have a pretty lengthy all-night flight coming up and would like to make sure I get some rest, but am a bit cautious that I might just end up feeling drugged and dizzy. I’ve used Ambien CR often at home with no bad effects, but never on a plane. Thanks for your insights in advance!
Yes.. I found it to be incredible. in the past I have tried xanax but get way to groggy and feel wierd.I took one on a 9 hour flight from Honolulu to Newark. I took it about 90 mins into the flight ( after dinner), and next thing I knew it was about 1 hour until we land. I slept like a rock for 6 hours straight which is something i never do on planes. And really wasnt groggy at all. A little disoriented for a few mins, but then felt great. I am always going to do that for every flight over 8 hours from now on.

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