Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Can you kill yourself with 12 10mg Ambien pills?

Can you kill yourself with 12 10mg Ambien pills?
Weight: 135 lbs
Age: 19
Height: 5' 2"
Healthy (physically) Can you kill yourself with 12 10mg Ambien pills?
Full stomach or empty?
What will happen if it is a failed suicide? (biological fuctions and/or mental functions)

Do I want to die? No. Do I want help? Yes. Can I get help? Not really...no one is helping me. Parents will just laugh or say it's work of the devil. No one on here knows my history or anything so please don't judge or be rude.

Has anyone survived that has the same proportions as my body that took ambien?

Please I don't want people saying not to do this or try to get help. You got to realize I tried but no one takes me seriously. We are all human and have free will to do whatever we please. And if I want to or someone else wants to commit suicide it's their choice and no one elses. I am a Psychology major and I know the biological and mental functions my disorders have and how they contribute to one wanting to kill themselves.
I have taken only two of these pills before and each time it was only 1 10mg pill and I felt like I was on some high or very drunk feeling that I could not walk and I was very dizzy. And this is only 1 pill.

 As far as how much of a drug would be fatal, it depends on more than age/sex/weight; everyone reacts differently to substances and has a different natural tolerance as well as a built-up tolerance.

Any dosage beyond what is prescribed for you is an overdose. If you were to OD, it would be an unpleasant experience to say the least. First of all, if you have too much of a substance in your system, your body usually tries to get rid of it via lots of vomiting. Other signs of OD include:

* Tiredness
* Drowsiness
* Lightheadedness
* Dizziness
* Clumsiness
* Shallow breathing
* Unsteady walk
* Confusion
* Slowed heart rate
* Breathing difficulty

The breathing difficulty doesn't sound easy to deal with either. Ever not been able to breathe? It's a scary feeling.

People think that pills are a very efficient, painless way to die, but in reality, an overdose will make a person very, very sick and in a good deal of physical/mental pain because your body will fight against the drugs to keep you alive. That's what it's there to do.

I'm not judging, but you can get help. Family and friends can be insensitive and have trouble understanding mental illness in other people. They may not take you seriously. If you call a mental health agency or hospital, or go to a hospital ER, they WILL take you seriously. Their job is to help people who feel the way that you do.

Yes, suicide is a choice, but it's not your only choice and it's not the only one out there that can alleviate the pain. You say you don't want to die; if you mean that, then please take the time to think of your other options.

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